Steel erectors / Cladders and Rope-Access jobs.

1.0 Steel Erector / Cladders we have 2 roles:

1.1 Steel Erectors: Bolting. Work at heights experience, and good English. We will tell you on 1st interview yes or no.

1.2 Steel Erectors + Welding. You must be able to weld FCAW, at height (4G ideal), we can place you quickly. Multiple employers.

2.0 Rope Access experience and IRATA qualified. Jobs available for roofing and maintenance. Only 4 to 5 openings per year.

Q1: How much can I get paid in NZ?
A1: Starting $22 but it can be more once you are settled in. It depends on how good you are, compared with onshore New Zealanders.

It depends on the job and location. In addition some companies offer flat rate for overtime, other companies offer 1.5 for overtime after 45 hours. It varies between employers and there is no guarantee of overtime. But when it is busy you can easily expect 10 hour days, 6 days a week – the NZ employers will expect you to work overtime when it is needed.

After you have shown you can manage the work in NZ, then you can be paid more. Keep in mind NZ employees who have been there for longer will be paid more.

After 12 months of continuous service you will be entitled to 4 weeks of paid annual leave, in addition to 11 Public holidays. The Employer may ask you to take 2 weeks block leave during the Christmas / New year period when most NZ businesses are on holiday.

Q2: What is the tax rate in NZ?
A2: You should plan to pay about 17% tax in NZ for your basic pay, so for example, at around 40 hours pw @ $20/hour will give you ~$670 net pay for a 40 hour week. Tax is taken out of your gross pay each payday. See for other examples.

Q3: What are my costs in NZ?
A3: Housing: typically $120 per week, in a house that is shared by 3 people (3 bedroom house), not in Auckland. We try to place at least 2 candidates together.

Food: $60 to 100 pw and you will need to cook your own meals.

Medical: in NZ the Ambulance, and hospitalisation for any accidents at work or home is free. You will still need sickness insurance if your work visa is less than 2 years to start.
Transport: You need your drivers license, and budget to buy a car. A reliable 10 year old compact car budget for $5,000.

Think about WHY you want to go, and if you can work long hours without your friends or family with you, in a cold climate.

Q4: Family: Your family can join you but only as visitors for maximum 9 months.

Singaporeans: As you have good English and verifiable skills, then once in NZ and with experience you can expect an increase to your pay, and employment prospects based on merit.

Registration for Roofers / Steel Erectors

Email your CV as a word document. to cladder @

If you have taken the time to read this page and got this far, then you have already shown aptitude and patience 🙂

Communication is by email, until the interview stage.

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