Registration process for Scaffolders

To register: email your CV (list your employers and start/finish dates and occupation), and include your qualifications and Screenshot of your workpass to scaffolder @ 

Fill in this form ONLINE >> Registration for Scaffolders


  1. We will review your work experience and scaffolding locations, then,
  2. Inviting shortlisted candidates to a face to face interview. then,
  3. If your English is good enough and documentation OK then you will be asked to show your skills in a practical staging demonstration.

Communication is by email, until the interview invitation stage. Because you are expected to read site plans and safety guidelines on NZ work sites, reading all this is part of the test

We will invite you by email, SMS and WhatsApp to face-to-face interview and review of your documentation.


If you are employed as a scaffolder, or do scaffolding work for a company in Singapore you need to have passed at least one of MoM accredited MSEC / ASMI MMSC / ITE Scaffolding, Assessment or equivalent training course.

You can be employed in construction, process industry or for a scaffolding company but you must have passed one of the accredited scaffolder training courses to qualify. This is mandatory!

You will need to have been on one of these training courses to be interviewed.

EA 16C7865

Scaffolding jobs in New Zealand.

To register, click this link and fill in the form online:

>> Registration for Scaffolders

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q1: How much can I get paid in NZ?
A1: Typical rate for offshore starters in NZ are from NZD$22 – 23 /hour, 40 hours per week It depends on the employer and location. Once you have shown you can manage, your pay can go up to $26/hour or more. Your work and English must be good, you are working with New Zealanders.

All candidates are given a practical check. If you are a scaffolding supervisor you must be a hands-on / site leader – we will make sure you can still work on-site. There are no roles for managers or safety supervisors in New Zealand.

Q2: What is the tax rate in NZ?
A2: You should plan to pay about 17% tax in NZ for basic pay. so for example, at around 40 hours pw @ $20/hour will give you ~$670 net pay for a 40 hour week. Tax is taken out of your gross pay each payday. See for other examples.

Q3: What are my costs in NZ?
A3: Housing: a room in most locations $120/week, or $150 for Auckland, in a 3-bedroom house that is shared by 3 people.
Food: Budget $100 pw and you will need to cook your own meals, food is fresh and easily available.
Medical: in NZ the Ambulance, and hospitalisation for any accidents at work or home is free. You will still need sickness insurance.

Q4: Family: Your family can join you but only as visitors for maximum 9 months.


100% Face-to-Face Interviews
Recorded. Verified.

Candidate Checking

Every candidate has their employment history checked and verified.

Skill Tested

Every scaffolding candidate is workshop tested in Singapore.

Top 15% Accepted

Of the many hundreds of CVs and interviews each year, only the top 15% are accepted.